Advance High Quality Sanitary Pad Making machine

Upgrade your sanitary pad production with Advance High Quality Sanitary Pad Making machine

Are you in the sanitary pad manufacturing industry and looking to stay ahead of the competition? Look no further! Introducing the R-I Advance, a state-of-the-art sanitary pad production machine designed to revolutionize your manufacturing process. With features like high-quality ultrathin pad production, versatile sizing options, and advanced automation, this machine is set to take your business to new heights.

Product Counting Meter

Low Maintenances

Low Electricity Consumption

High Production Speed

Key Features

  • High-Quality Ultrathin Pads: Produce high-quality ultrathin sanitary pads with the R-I Advance. This machine is equipped to craft pads that offer superior comfort and protection.
  • Impressive Production Rate: Boost your productivity with a production rate of 50-60 pads per minute. Meet the demands of your customers efficiently.
  • Future Upgradations: Stay ahead in the market by upgrading your machine with additional features like a Gun Attachment, thermal controller, and more.
  • Versatile Pad Types: Create a variety of pads with up to 7 layers. Whether it’s core-core or onion chip attachment, this machine can handle it all.
  • Efficient Wastage Management: The R-I Advance includes a rewinding feature for managing wastage materials, ensuring cost-efficiency in production.
  • User-Friendly Loading: Experience a hassle-free loading process with easy unwinding, making operation smoother.
  • Energy-Efficient: Operate with a single-phase AC supply and a power consumption of just 3 kW, reducing energy costs.
  • Pads Counting Meter: Precisely monitor your production with a pads counting meter, helping you maintain quality control.
  • PLC Automation: Benefit from PLC automation, streamlining your production process and reducing human error.
  • Multiple Pad Sizes: Produce sanitary pads of various sizes and shapes, meeting diverse customer demands.
  • Ultrasonic Sealing: Utilize the 1800 W ultrasonic sealing technology for secure and efficient pad sealing.
  • Low Maintenance: Save on maintenance costs with this durable and low-maintenance machine, built with a powder-coated MS body.
  • UV Sterilization: Ensure the hygiene of your products with an inbuilt UV sterilizer, enhancing the quality of your sanitary pads.
  • 14. Compact Dimensions: The R-I Advance’s compact size, measuring 18 x 3 x 6 feet, allows it to fit easily into your production space.
  • Staff Efficiency: With the R-I Advance, you can optimize your staff resources, requiring only 7-8 persons for operation.

Frequently Asked Question

A1: The R-I Advance can produce various types of sanitary pads, including onion chip and kora kora pads, with up to 7 layers for added versatility.

 A2: This machine has an impressive production rate of 50-60 pads per minute, ensuring efficiency and meeting high demand.

A3: Yes, it operates on a single-phase AC supply with a power consumption of just 3 kW, making it an energy-efficient choice for your business.

 A4: No, the R-I Advance is a low-maintenance machine designed for durability, saving you on maintenance costs.

A5: Absolutely! You can create sanitary pads of multiple sizes and shapes to cater to different customer preferences.

A6: Yes, it comes equipped with a UV sterilizer, ensuring the hygiene and quality of the sanitary pads.

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