R-I Basic Plus Sanitary Pad Making Machine

Elevate Your Sanitary Pad Manufacturing with the R I Basic Plus Sanitary Pad Making Machine

In the ever-evolving landscape of sanitary pad production, innovation and efficiency remain paramount. The R I Basic Plus Sanitary Pad Making Machine sets a new standard by seamlessly blending advanced features with ease of use. Designed to craft high-quality ultrathin pads, this machine boasts an exceptional production rate of 28-32 pads per minute, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive market. Embrace the future of pad production with the R I Basic Plus.

Product Counting Meter

Low Maintenances

Low Electricity Consumption

High Production Speed

Key Feature

  • High-Quality Ultrathin Pads: Experience the pinnacle of comfort and performance with high-quality ultrathin pads, meeting the demands of today’s health-conscious consumers.

  • Industry-Leading Production Rate: Achieve an unprecedented production rate of 28-32 pads per minute, a testament to the machine’s cutting-edge engineering and design.

  • Advanced 7-Layer Pad Capability: Stand out by creating 7-layer pads that offer superior absorbency and comfort, giving your brand an edge in the market.

  • Seamless Loading Process: Streamline your production workflow with the easy unwinding process, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

  • Energy-Efficient Operation: Operate sustainably with single-phase AC supply and a minimal power consumption of 3 kW, reducing both costs and environmental impact

  • Accurate Pads Counting Meter: Maintain precise inventory control and packaging with the integrated pads counting meter, ensuring efficient production management.

  • Enhanced PLC Automation: Experience unparalleled precision and minimized errors with advanced PLC automation technology, guaranteeing consistent product quality.

  • Customizable Pad Sizes: Cater to diverse consumer preferences by offering pads in multiple sizes, including 240mm, 280mm, and 320mm.

  • Ultrasonic Bonding Excellence: Leverage the power of 1800 W ultrasonic technology for impeccable bonding, resulting in durable and reliable sanitary pads.

  • Low Maintenance Design: Optimize your production workflow with the machine’s low maintenance requirements, focusing on output rather than upkeep.

  • Robust MS Powder-Coated Body: Built to withstand demanding production environments, the machine’s MS powder-coated body ensures longevity and durability.

  • Hygienic UV Sterilizer: Prioritize product hygiene and safety with an integrated UV sterilizer, reassuring customers about the quality of your sanitary pads.

  • Optimal Dimensions and Weight: With dimensions of 15 x 3 x 5 (Ft) and a weight of 500-600 Kgs, the machine seamlessly integrates into your production setup.

  • Efficient Working Area Requirement: Allocate your space efficiently with a total working area requirement of 90 sq. ft., UV sterilizer included, for a streamlined production environment.

  • Productive Staffing: Operate with excellence using a recommended staff requirement of 7-8 persons, ensuring every aspect of production is effectively managed.

Frequently Asked Question

The R I Basic Plus Sanitary Pad Making Machine is designed for creating high-quality ultrathin pads with an exceptional production rate of 28-32 pads per minute.

Absolutely, the machine offers flexibility in pad sizes, including 240mm, 280mm, and 320mm, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

The integrated UV sterilizer enhances product hygiene by using ultraviolet light to eliminate potential contaminants during production.

Yes, the machine operates on a single-phase AC supply and consumes only 3 kW of power, reflecting its energy-efficient design.

PLC automation technology ensures precision and minimizes errors, leading to consistent and high-quality sanitary pad production.

For optimal operation, the machine requires a staff of 7-8 persons, covering all aspects of production management.

Indeed, the machine’s advanced 7-layer pad capability allows you to tailor absorbency levels to meet consumer needs.

Ultrasonic bonding, powered by 1800 W technology, ensures superior bonding quality, resulting in durable and reliable pads.

The machine requires a total working area of 90 sq. ft., including the UV sterilizer, to create an efficient and organized production environment.

No, the R I Basic Plus Sanitary Pad Making Machine is designed for low maintenance, allowing you to focus on production without frequent interruptions.

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