R-I Basic Plus Pro Sanitary Pad Making Machine

Unlock Efficiency and Quality with the R I Basic Plus Pro Sanitary Pad Making Machine

Are you in the business of sanitary pad production and looking to gain a competitive edge? Look no further than the R I Basic Plus Pro – an advanced sanitary pad making machine designed to revolutionize your production process. This state-of-the-art machine offers a range of features and benefits that will not only enhance your production rate but also help you create high-quality sanitary pads efficiently. In this comprehensive product post, we’ll delve into the key features, specifications, and advantages of the R I Basic Plus Pro, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Low Maintenances

Low Electricity Consumption

High Production Speed

Key Features

  • 1. High-Quality Ultrathin Pads: The R I Basic Plus Pro is equipped to produce high-quality ultrathin sanitary pads, ensuring comfort and reliability for your customers.
  • Impressive Production Rate: With a production rate of 38-42 pads per minute, this machine streamlines your manufacturing process, allowing you to meet market demands effectively.
  • Versatile 7-Layer Pad Creation: Create sanitary pads with up to 7 layers, offering customization and versatility to cater to various customer preferences.
  • Sealing and Cutting Separation: The machine’s sealing and cutting processes are separate, guaranteeing precise and consistent results in every pad.
  • Optional Rewinding for Wastage Material: Minimize material wastage with the optional rewinding feature, optimizing resource usage and cost-efficiency.
  • Easy Loading and Unwinding: Simplify your workflow with an easy process for loading and unwinding materials, reducing production downtime.
  • Single Phase AC Supply: Operate efficiently with a single-phase AC supply, saving on energy costs while maintaining productivity.
  • Pads Counting Meter: Keep track of production numbers effortlessly with the built-in pads counting meter, allowing for better inventory management.
  • PLC Automation: Benefit from precision and control through PLC automation, ensuring consistent pad quality.
  • Multiple Pad Sizes and Shapes: Meet diverse market demands by producing sanitary pads in sizes of 240mm, 280mm, and 320mm, with various shapes available upon request.
  • Ultrasonic Technology: The machine utilizes 1800W of ultrasonic power, guaranteeing efficient and reliable sealing.
  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy peace of mind with a low-maintenance machine that minimizes downtime and repair costs.
  • Sturdy MS Powder Coated Body: The machine’s robust and powder-coated MS body ensures durability and longevity.
  • UV Sterilizer: Maintain hygiene standards with the included UV sterilizer, ensuring the sanitary pads are free from contaminants.
  • Compact Dimensions: The R I Basic Plus Pro is designed with space efficiency in mind, with dimensions of 16 x 3 x 5 (Ft) including the UV sterilizer.
  • Staff Efficiency: Optimize your workforce with a machine that requires only 7-8 personnel for operation.

Frequently Asked Question

A1: The R I Basic Plus Pro boasts an impressive production rate of 38-42 sanitary pads per minute.

A2: Yes, the machine offers flexibility, allowing you to create pads in sizes of 240mm, 280mm, and 320mm, catering to various customer preferences.

A3: Absolutely, this machine is designed for low maintenance, reducing downtime and repair costs, ensuring a smooth production process.

A4: Yes, the R I Basic Plus Pro includes a UV sterilizer to maintain hygiene standards and ensure sanitary pads are free from contaminants.

A5: You’ll only need 7-8 personnel to operate the R I Basic Plus Pro machine, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

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